Things Changed.

“We go from talking until 2am, to 2 hours daily to 2 minutes a day, to 2 days ago, to Never.” Things changed. People changed. BUT, Still….my feelings are same as before. Still I’m always excited to see YOU. Still I do selfless act for YOU. Still I smile on seeing your text on my […]

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Be Happy

Be happy. Be happy, …for what you have, ..for the people who really want you to stay in their life. …for the stuffs you have. …for the feelings you have for someone. …for the mistakes you have done, which is full of lessons, so take it and move on. …for the people who really wants […]

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I’m Waiting…

I’m waiting, To talk to you again in these hard times. The time where YOU and I , both are suffering from something,but it will become more beautiful when we will be together and face it together. I’m waiting, For a walk with you on that long footpath beside Marine drive. The place, where we […]

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